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  Consumers: Mindfulness Practices - Segment 1  


The first video begins with an introduction to mindfulness. This series of exercises is useful for everyone. You need Flash Player Version 8 or higher.
The video files feature Glenn Derrick, M.A., L.L.P, F.L.E. and White Clad Practitioner & Teacher of the Chahn Budtzu and Vajrayanna Lineages.

 This is Segment 1: Introduction to mindfulness.
  Continue to Segment 2. Benefits of Mindfulness Practices

VIDEOS - from 30 sec. to 4 minutes in length
Segment 1: Introduction to Mindfulness
Segment 2: Benefits of Mindfulness Practices
Segment 3: Introduction to Exercises
Segment 4: Listening to Listening
Segment 5: Switch Breath Technique
Segment 6: Giving the Body Permission
Segment 7: Following the Breath
Segment 8: Conclusion

PPT: For the following you will need Powerpoint software.
Mindful.ppt. Please contact Glenn for further information or training.

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