Consumers: Healing with Art  

Note: To view and use the National Gallery of Art site to create art online, you will need to have Shockwave Player, see below for more.

"A work of art is a work of art whoever created it", (Thomashoff, H.O., 2004).

The creation of art (all types of creative works) and the creative process has always been a major outlet for self expression throughout time. It has been a means of communication, especially for those who do not express themselves in other ways. It is helpful for those with symptoms of mental illness. It may aid in the development of confidence, for each person, in his/her own abilities, and in a sense of empowerment. It may be helpful in the healing process.

By increasing the awareness of those around us of the artistic work of those with mental illness, we help reduce the stigma attached to this disease. People with mental illness have talents and work to contribute to their communities and to the world. If you have symptoms of mental illness, as you re-enter the community, we welcome your abilities and your work. See if you gain the ability to more express yourself more fully through the arts.

Next click here to read about some famous artists, musicians, writiers, and politicians who had mental illness.
Read about Art Against Stigma - an art exhibit that was in Europe with art by those with mental illness. There is a book available about this now.
Click here to see some ARTWORK by Consumers (poetry will be posted soon). The projects are being collected. Contact us, if you would like to add yours here. We hope to expand our art gallery.
Click here to read about the AWAKENINGS PROJECT and the ADS Center where art is recommended to counter discrimination in mental illness. See more artwork, read about the relationship between creativity and madness. Read about partnerships. As they say, "all art is therapeutic and healing."
Go to the National Gallery of Art kid's zone website where you can create some enjoyable art online yourself! Here are additional links to the site: River Run and Paintbox. Art Zone interactives require Shockwave player. PDFs require Acrobat Reader. Mac users of Intel chip computers may not have an updated Shockwave version available at this time.
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