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  Consumers - Reintegration Tools  

We urge you to seek professional advice if you have concerns about mental illness.

                Consumers may have self-stigma:

"I perceived myself, quite accurately unfortunately, as having a serious mental illness and therefore as having been relegated to what I called 'the social garbage heap'....Thinking of myself as garbage, I would even leave the sidewalk in what I thought of as exhibiting the proper deference to those above me in social class... " (Gallo, 1994, pp. 407-408), quoted by Corrigan and Kleinlein.

Consumers can look outwards, to the community, to professionals, to family members, and to friends for support. They can also look inside themselves to heal their own internalization of stigma. We are presenting here sources for information and some healing tools.

Try the following :

Call a professional or someone you know to find professional support: see community/professional support.
Go to Healing through art , (with a photo slide show).
Try healing through mindfulness practices. The video segments include 4 exercises for you to practice.
\  View the Powerpoint presentation with additional information for you to find out about mindfulness practices.

Proceed to Professional help.


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