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This project is dedicated to the improvement of conditions for those with mental illness who have suffered enough from misunderstanding and ignorance. Thanks to the people who have helped in development of this site.

Thanks especially to:
My family for their strong support:
Dr. Steven Genden, Psychologist, the Guidance Center.
Joseph Genden
Rena Genden
Dr. Tim Spannaus - Advisor & Sr. Lecturer, Wayne State University, Instructional     Technology
Glenn Derrick - M.A. Psychotherapist and teacher of Mindfulness Practices
Rich Casteels, the Guidance Center.
The IMAGINe Group (I May Achieve Greater Independence Now) is a group of dedicated consumers who work on peer led activities at the Guidance Center and in the community. Special thanks to Jan, Joe, and Randy for generously and courageously sharing their stories, their time and their work.

1.The 20Q Attitude Survey was written by Patrick W. Corrigan, Psy.D. of the     University of Chicago Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. He can be reached at Dr. Corrigan has written extensively about the     stigma of mental illness. See On the Stigma of Mental Illness, edited by     Patrick W. Corrigan, 2005.
2.Thorncroft, G., Shunned: Discrimination against People with Mental Illness,     2006, Oxford University Press.
3. NIMH - National Institute of Mental Health
4. NAMI- National Alliance on Mental Illness
5. (sponsored by SAMSA)
6. See Art Against Stigma, a historical perspective.
Thanks to the many people and organizations that are working to stop stigma.

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