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Introduction: Take Attitude Survey #1

What is the Attitude Survey & Who Should Take It?

The attitude survey is for you to see what you think about possible situations involving someone who has mental illness. No results are saved. It is just for you to find out about your own attitudes.

CONSUMERS: Many consumers carry around attitudes of self-stigma. They think less of themselves and are embarrassed about their health problems. No results are saved. It is just for you to find out about yourown attitudes.

Click the link below to start the survey. There are twenty questions. Please select the number of the best answer to each question.

  • Click on a radio button on each screen to give your answer. (If you forget to click on a radio button, part of the scoring will not compute.)
  • Keep going until you reach the end where you will see your scores.
  • Print out or copy down the results if you want to keep the scores.
  • In the Summary section later on, you will be asked to take Attitude Survey #2. You can then compare your scores for changes.

This survey was written by Patrick W. Corrigan, Psy.D. of the University of Chicago Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. He can be reached at This survey is used with permission.

 Start Attitude Survey #1 here. (Length of activity: 5-10 min)


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