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  Facts : What is the Impact of Stigma?


22.7% OF ADULTS AGE 18 AND OLDER, who thought they might need treatment for mental health problems in 2003-2005, said that stigma is one of the barriers to getting help . (See more statistics.) Their concerns are:
       -discrimination at work
       -neighbor and community opinions
       -had general shame and fear
       -were afraid of the courts
       -and were afraid of losing health insurance.

Stigma makes an impact on different segments of society.
--The mentally ill suffer the most from stigma. (Corrigan and Kleinlein). In addition, people who are involved in their lives also are impacted. Landlords, employers, health care professionals, law enforcement agents, members of the legal system, family members,  friends, and communities all are impacted by the sense of public stigma.

How does stigma affect the mentally ill in important ways?
--Besides shame and fear, they suffer economically. People lose opportunities that are important ( jobs and housing).
--General health caretakers may not respond to general health issues because of mental illness stigma.
--Mental illness stigma affects interactions with the criminal    
justice system. They may not understand mental illness.

How does stigma affect family members and others?
--This is called courtesy stigma. It means sometimes family members & those associated with persons with mental illness experience avoidance by others because of stigma.
--Some say mental health services receive less funding because of the area they service. There is less support money.
--Communities lose the positive resources those with mental illness could provide. Stigma perpetuates fears about mental ilIness, deprives others of the opportunity to face emotional problems that they also may experience at some time in their lives.

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